The rise of the state machine


The Rise Of The State Machines
Quick summary : The UI development became difficult in the last couple of years. That is because we pushed the state management to the browser. And managing state is what makes our job a challenge. If we do it properly, we will see how our application scales easily with no bugs. In this article, we will see how to use the state machine concept for solving state management problems.

XState is a JavaScript and TypeScript finite state machines (opens new window) and statecharts (opens new window) for the modern web.

Which Generator builds Markdown the fastest?

Finer grained control over CSS transforms with individual transform properties.

Node.js: creating ESM-based shell scripts for Unix and Windows

Component patterns A collection of cross browser UI components for use in accelerating or inspiring your own design systems.

Maintenance Matters A list of ten simple things we do to make our projects as maintainable as possible, regardless of the stack.

Css experiment Footer Sorrow

Oh My Posh is a prompt theme engine for any shell.


Playwright enables reliable end-to-end testing for modern web apps.

Web tools and API

Pipedream is the fastest way to automate any process that connects APIs. Build and run workflows with code-level control when you need it, and no code when you don’t.

Github repository

Moveable is a repository of components which are Draggable! Resizable! Scalable! Rotatable! Warpable ! Pinchable ! Groupable ! There is storybook available with all components here Moveable Storybook

Pino 🌲 super fast, all natural json logger for Nodejs

Lyra 🌌 Fast, in-memory, typo-tolerant, full-text search engine written in TypeScript.

Solid is a declarative JavaScript library for creating user interfaces. Instead of using a Virtual DOM, it compiles its templates to real DOM nodes and updates them with fine-grained reactions. Declare your state and use it throughout your app, and when a piece of state changes, only the code that depends on it will rerun.

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