Why using vuejs for your next project ?


📘 Why Vuejs is a great fit for modular software architecture
Ben Hong list some good points why you need to use Vue for your next project.

📘 Running Nuxt 3 in a Docker Container
Step by step tutorial about using docker locally with your Nuxt app.

📘 Keep linux open and free
Spicy article about IBM and Linux Red hat.

📘 JavaScript Gom Jabbar
If you open an old package.json, will you be able to understand its content ?

Repository Github

🐙 Boring stack
The Boring JavaScript Stack 🥱: Ship products with full-stack JavaScript reliably with battle-tested technologies.

🐙 Detect scroll
A performant and lightweight (~1.6kb) ES6 module for detecting scroll activity (direction + location) for X and/or Y axis.

Web tool

🧰 BrandBird
An image editor for busy SaaS founders, who build in public !

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