Measuring developer productivity


πŸ“— Measuring developer productivity
Mc Kinsey think they can measure developer productivity, another try to put numbers on the value of a developer.

πŸ“— Exploring Exif files
Harley Turan explore how you can use and access metadata from the exif file of an iPhone.

πŸ“— Laravel Folio
New powerful router system by the Laravel team

πŸ“— Practica js blog
A compilation of outstanding testing articles (with JavaScript)

πŸ“— Tech's broken promises
The cloud is not the heaven it once was.

Repository Github

πŸ™ Web Check
All-in-one OSINTπŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ tool for analysing any website. Very cool tool, for checking basic informations about your server, and upgrade your security rapidly.

πŸ™ Naive UI
A Vue 3 πŸ’š Component Library. Fairly Complete. Theme Customizable. Uses TypeScript. Fast.


🎨 Deck Gallery
Curated designed desks, slides, keynotes, guidelines and other aspiration for your next presentation.

πŸ“– Sources

Every news are mainly from my Twitter feed, my Github feed, The collective, Michael Thiessen, Michael Hoffmann, Stefan and more recently by my friends Adrien Zaganelli.