Nodejs is obsolete


📗 Bun 1.0
The future of JS is here, bun is an all-in-one toolkit for running, building, testing, and debugging JavaScript and TypeScript, from a single file to a full-stack application.

You can use Bun in your existing node js project and it will work just a lot of times faster.

📗 Preventing duplicate api call with vuejs
Jason llicic explain his thoughts about using the vuejs reactivity with Pinia to handle api data from the stroke to multiple component.

Repository Github

🐙 Histoire dev
Storybook but written for vite and with full support for vuejs and svelte.

🐙 GitHub - logicspark/berryjam
Vue.js Component Analyzer - Berryjam helps you save time communicating and effort in development to create better and more efficient code.

🐙 JoshuaKGoldberg/TypeStat
Converts JavaScript to TypeScript and TypeScript to better TypeScript.

📖 Sources

Every news are mainly from my Twitter feed, my Github feed, The collective, Michael Thiessen, Michael Hoffmann, Stefan and more recently by my friends Adrien Zaganelli.