Useful css tricks


10 Useful CSS Tricks for Front-end Developers : useful-css-tricks

A Reason to Self-Host Fonts : a-reason-to-self-host-fonts

CSS-CHECKER checks your css styles for duplications and find the diff among css classes with high similarity in seconds. It is designed to avoid redundant or similar css between files and to work well for both local development, and for automation like CI.

Two ways to load only the CSS you need


It’s not just you. Science explains how your focus is more scattered now and how to get it back.
Fastcompany website

Interop 2022: browsers working together to improve the web for developers
Link to the article : interop-2022

Developer Ambitions Report (Europe)
Link to the article : ambitions-europe

The decoding property of the HTMLImageElement interface represents a hint given to the browser on how it should decode the image.
Link to the article : decoding

A look at the dialog element's super powers
Link to the article : a-look-at-the-dialog-elements-super-powers

Progressive Enhancement, the New Hotness™
Link to the article : progressive-enhancement-the-new-hotness

The Future of Micro-Frontends
Link to the article : the-future-of-micro-frontends


TIL that you can enable JSDoc powered type checking in @code
via // @​ts-check. Tweet from @stefanjudis

Web performance

Firefox Profiler, this web app is the official Firefox Profiler for analyzing performance profiles of Firefox and the Gecko browser engine.

Repo git

yalc acts as very simple local repository for your locally developed packages that you want to share across your local environment.

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