Creating luck


How to create luck

In this post swyx briefly review the “Literature of Luck”, and then I’ll end with some personal thoughts on how it could be extended.

Tamagui 1.0 🎉

Ship cross-platform React apps in ½ the time with 2x performance.

The ultimate UI kit and design system for Figma

Untitled UI is the largest UI kit and design system for Figma in the world. Kickstart any project and level up as a designer.

UI Learn

The no bullshit way to learn user interface design. Instagram and TikTok tips won’t get you better at design. Start building your design skills with practical exercises and by designing more.


The cause data property of an Error instance indicates the specific original cause of the error.

It is used when catching and re-throwing an error with a more-specific or useful error message in order to still have access to the original error.

Compress an image before uploading it

In this quick tutorial we’ll use JavaScript to compress images selected with a file input element. We’ll compress images and save them back to the file input ready for upload.


Conversational UI for your Codebase.
Introducing Tensai, your repo-level code assistant.

Web tools

Polar Habits

Polar Habits is a guilt-free habit tracker that focuses on creating a positive, fun, encouraging environment for tracking your habits. 🙌

Pintura Image Editor

A powerful JavaScript Image Editor that integrates with every stack.

Easy File Uploading With JavaScript | FilePond

A JavaScript library that can upload anything you throw at it, optimizes images for faster uploads, and offers a great, accessible, silky smooth user experience.

Repository Github

GitHub - artalar/act

Act is the most efficient reactive library in both: speed, size, correctness.

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Every news are mainly from my Twitter feed, my Github feed, The collective, Michael Thiessen, Michael Hoffmann, Stefan and more recently by my friends Adrien Zaganelli.