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You Will Never Be A Full Stack Developer

Some career advice from Laurie Voss about the impossibility to be a "full stack developer".

Docker on MacOS is slow and how to fix it

At the time of writing, the only viable option to have a decent performance and a good DX are:

  1. VirtioFS to share the filesystem (Docker Desktop, Rancher Desktop, Colima) - There are still some issues.
  2. Use named volumes and if you use VSCode you can rely on things like DevContainers to have a good DX - 🚀 BONUS: PoC project with Backstage and DevContainers.
  3. Use DDEV + Mutagen for PHP projects (JS coming soon).
  4. If you are VI/Emacs user, all you need is your editor and tools in a container, or if you want a minimal Linux GUI env, take some inspiration here.

Laravel real-time Code Execution Monitoring

Inspector is a composer package to add real-time code execution monitoring to your Laravel application. It allows you to work on continuous code changes while catching bugs and bottlenecks in real-time. Before users do.

Building an AI web app that helps restore old blurry photos !

backspace: make your website carbon neutral

Make your website carbonneutral.
The easiest way for developers to remove their websites’ CO2 emissions.

Web tools

Fontshare: Quality Fonts. Free.

Jitter · Fast and simple motion design tool.


Quick Start - Sailboat UI

Sailboat UI is a modern UI component library for Tailwind CSS, you just need to install Tailwind CSS and configure it.

Text Replace Transitions · 10 janvier 2023

view-transition ’s let me, with CSS, describe how to dismiss the old text state and reveal the new text state.

Repository Github

Neodrag | One draggable to rule em all

Multi-framework libraries for dragging. Choose your framework, the dragging API behavior will stay the same 🔥.
A lightweight directive to make your elements draggable.

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Every news are mainly from my Twitter feed, my Github feed, The collective, Michael Thiessen, Michael Hoffmann, Stefan and more recently by my friends Adrien Zaganelli.