The "const" deception


The "const" Deception

Exploring the difference between assignment and mutation in JavaScript. By Josh Comeau which made the css-for-js-dev courses.

Practical Engineering Management Blog

Medium blog from Mirek Stanek about the engineering management.


MailerSend is a cloud-based transactional email system built for developers, but designed so your entire team can use it.


Supabase is an open source Firebase alternative. Start your project with a Postgres database, Authentication, instant APIs, Edge Functions, Realtime subscriptions, and Storage.


The new email API for developers.
Build, test, and send transactional emails at scale. Resend provides the best developer experience helping you reach users instead of spam folders.

The AT Protocol

Social networking technology created by Bluesky



Write CI/CD Pipelines in TypeScript

Vuejs & DX


Build better interfaces faster. DX focused utility based Vue component library


Vuejs official tweet 3.3

RFCs for two experimental features.

Build Better Forms with Vue.js 3 Composition API: A Practical Guide

Learn how to create custom form components with Vue.js 3 Composition API, including validation, submission handling and more

Repository Github


A library of dependency-free JavaScript utilities that do just one thing.

Ellie/Atuin: 🐢 Magical shell history

Atuin replaces your existing shell history with a SQLite database, and records additional context for your commands. Additionally, it provides optional and fully encrypted synchronisation of your history between machines, via an Atuin server.

Drizzle ORM

Drizzle ORM is a TypeScript ORM for SQL databases designed with maximum type safety in mind.


🎛️ Compact GUI for fine-tuning parameters and monitoring value changes.


Learn the Zig programming language by fixing tiny broken programs.

⚡ Surrealist

Powerful graphical SurrealDB query playground and database explorer for Browser and Desktop



A small website where you can learn a new CSS trick every day



Automatic font fallback based on font metrics.

Van Schneider Blog

The best designers are artists.

Rauno Blog

Crafting the Next.js Website

Abduzeedo Blog

Brand identity and digital design system for Doconomy.

Open Sources

Open Source Guides

Open source software is made by people just like you. Learn how to launch and grow your project.

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