A love letter to the next developer


📗 Good code is your legacy to the next developper
An article which describe what good code is.
Like a good poem, you can judge if it was carefully written or someone just throw words at it.

🎮 Wind waker by Robin Payot
Zelda wind-waker made with Tresjs and Nuxt.

💚 Vue 3 Vapor Mode News
Vapor mode is a new compilation strategy for Vuejs inspired by Solid.js

Repository Github

🐙 Shadcn for Vue
Beautifully designed components that you can copy and paste into your apps. Accessible. Customizable. Open Source.


🎨 Flexoki
Flexoki is an inky color scheme for prose and code. Flexoki is designed for reading and writing on digital screens.

🎨 Auto animate
AutoAnimate is a zero-config, drop-in animation utility that adds smooth transitions to your web app.

📖 Sources

Every news are mainly from my Twitter feed, my Github feed, The collective, Michael Thiessen, Michael Hoffmann, Stefan and more recently by my friends Adrien Zaganelli.