For what type of dev Tailwind is worth it ?


📗 Classic rock, Mario Kart, and why we can't agree on Tailwind
Personally I am a crafters, I really like all the points made in this article. But in the end, you can use whatever tool you want to ship your product.

🧰 UI Lib Picker
This website list the UI library available for vuejs 3 and Nuxt.

Repository Github

🐙 Affordable full-stack production debugging & monitoring.
An Open Source Observability Platform: Unify Session Replays, Logs, Traces, and Errors – All Without the Datadog Price Tag.


🎨 The Design System Ecosystem
Brad frost explain how a good design system organization can help the product and all the people in between ( developers, designers etc… ) level up your product.

📖 Sources

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