Tailwind CSS a marketing scheme ?


📉 Tailwind marketing and misinformation engine

Tero Piirainen discusses the development and impact of Tailwind CSS of today’s development practice. From a misinterpretation of Nicolas Gallagher's article on HTML semantics by Adam Wathan to the behemoth Tailwind it is now.

Maybe Tailwind is not the « saviour » of CSS, but just a way to vendor locking you into writing tailwind code.

Elevate yourselves and learn some standard CSS and HTML.

⚙️ What is Utility-First CSS?

Heydon Pickering explain how utility first CSS is inefficient and exists purely because of marketing from Tailwind CSS.

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🔮 Drag & Drop library
Drag and Drop by FormKit’s  is a small library for adding data-first drag and drop sorting and transferring for lists in your app. It’s simple, flexible, framework agnostic, and clocks in at only ~4Kb gzipped.

🐙 HTMZ a low power tool for html

HTMZ lets you swap fragments of the page using vanilla HTML code.

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