Let’s take a look inside your < head >

Web Performance

🧠 ct.css – Let’s take a look inside your < head >

Your < head > is the single biggest render-blocking part of your page—ensuring it is well-formed is critical. ct.css is a diagnostic CSS snippet that exposes potential performance issues in your page’s < head > tags.

Skeleton Loader Example

How to Build a Skeleton Screen with CSS for Better UX

The "why" of web performance


Perceived perfomance



A Practical Guide to Centering in CSS

Guide de Code par @mdo

Standards pour des fichiers HTML et CSS flexibles, durables et maintenables.

Cool Hover Effects That Use Background Properties



Vite.js Tutorial – How to Install and Use Vite in Your Web Projects


Testing Vue Components With Cypress

Writing Strong Front-end Test Element Locators

Repo git

Unified plugin system for build tools.

Auto import APIs on-demand for Vite, Webpack, Rollup and esbuild. With TypeScript support. Powered by unplugin.


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Article on the survivor bias We survived

Discover Insanely Useful Websites.

Portofolio of Quentin Hocdé, Creative Developer 7 digital artist

Video on Nuxt 3

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