The joy of React


The Joy of React

The all-new interactive learning experience that teaches you how to build rich, dynamic web apps with React. Taught by Josh W Comeau

About roles in the front-end development department

Silvestar Bistrović wrote this article about his roles in the front-end development department.

In search of a CSS developer job

Silvestar Bistrović wrote this article about his search of a CSS focused job which is really really hard to find.


Disentangling Frameworks | CSS { In Real Life }

Why sometimes its better not to use a CSS framework like tailwind to get things done.

100 Days Of More Or Less Modern CSS

It’s time to get me up to speed with modern CSS. There’s so much new in CSS that I know too little about. To change that I’ve started #100DaysOfMoreOrLessModernCSS. Why more or less modern CSS? Because some topics will be about cutting-edge features, while other stuff has been around for quite a while already, but I just have little to no experience with it.

Thread twitter about some neat tricks in CSS only

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Framework agnostic accessibility reporter, developer tool that continously observes the DOM to detect accessibility issues. Its audits are powered by axe-core.

Web tools

Health icons

Free, open source health icons
Free for use in your next commercial or personal project.

Editing is ok. Republishing is ok. No need to give credit.

Smart Interface Design Patterns

100 Smart Interface Design Patterns & Live Examples. 9h Video + UX Training.
30 video lessons + 4-weeks UX training.
For UI/UX designers and front-end developers.

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